Free Licence

Individuals, schools, and small companies employing 10 or fewer people can download Cysgliad software free of charge on their Windows computer by clicking the button below.



Clicking on the Download button should begin the process of downloading Cysgliad and installing it on the computer.

If the installation process does not start, it may be necessary to double-click on the newly downloaded file in the browser panel or Downloads folder.

If Windows displays a message “Windows has protected your computer”, there’s no need to worry. Cysgliad is secure and has Bangor University’s digital signature. To continue installing Cysgliad, you need to:

  1. Click on “More Information…”
  2. Click on “Run anyway”

(see images below)

windows protected your PC

In the same manner, if your antivirus software identifies Cysgliad as a possible security threat, you will need to overrule the software and instruct it to continue with the installation.



Further information on Cysgliad software and its Cysill and Cysgeir programs is available here.


Help with installing and using Cysgliad, Cysill and Cysgeir is available here.

Licence Details

The Cysgliad licence for individuals, schools and companies employing 10 or fewer people is funded by the Welsh Government as part of the effort to help children and their families, and the general public, work remotely and benefit from technology in new ways. This is also part of the drive to double the use of Welsh by 2050.

Cysgliad will continue to be available on the above basis for the duration of Bangor University’s agreement with the Welsh Government.