Dewin Cysgliad

Dewin Cysgliad (The Cysgliad Wizard) helps you to:

  • Install Cysgliad for the first time on your computer
  • Update a pre-existing version
  • Update and maintain the linguistic content
  • Solve common problems.

Install or Update Cysgliad

The Wizard uses your email address to check whether you have the right to install or update a copy of Cysgliad on your computer.

The Wizard covers both home and institutional users of Cysgliad.

If you do not already own a Cysgliad licence, go to the Buy Cysgliad page in order to purchase a licence and register your email address.

If your employer or educational institution has an institutional licence, you can use the Wizard to download Cysgliad free of charge through your work/institutional email address.

Click on the ‘Run’ button below to start the Wizard:


Update Content

The Wizard also helps you keep the linguistic content up to date, including your dictionaries within Cysgeir. Click on the ‘Update Dictionaries’ button in the Wizard.

Problem Solving

The Wizard also helps solve common problems with using Cysgliad on your computer e.g. the disappearance of the Cysgliad toolbar in Word.

Run the Wizard to help you solve the problem.