A suite of Welsh<>English dictionaries in a convenient electronic format

Cysgeir Cysgeir is a comprehensive collection of useful dictionaries for your computer and forms part of the Cysgliad package. It contains general every-day words as well as specialized terminology taken from the terminology dictionaries published by the Canolfan Bedwyr over the years.

The Advantages of a Software Dictionary
As a software dictionary, Cysgeir has numerous advantages over traditional paper dictionaries. With Cysgeir, finding a word is quick and easy - start typing the word that you're looking for and the dictionary will start looking for it even before you've finished typing. If you're unsure of the exact spelling, merely typing in the first few letters will narrow down the possible words so that you can select the appropriate word from the search window on the left.


Searching in either language
You can search from Welsh to English or from English to Welsh, and changing the search direction is as easy as clicking a single button. The interface language can also be changed so that the program menus and options appear in English rather than Welsh.


The dictionary also has several useful features which traditional dictionaries lack. For example, Cysgeir can demutate a word. Type in gath and Cysgeir will recognize the word as a form of cath (cat) and take you to the appropriate dictionary entry.

Deconjugate verbs and prepositions

Similarly, Cysgeir can deconjugate rhedodd (he/she ran) and take you to the dictionary entry for rhedeg (to run).

Rhyming Dictionary
Cysgeir also possesses the ability to function as a Welsh rhyme dictionary. Simply type '*' before the letters of the rhyme and the search will return all words that correspond to the same rhyme.

Finding Terms
Another of Cysgeir's advantages is that it can quickly identify multi-word terms or phrases that contain your search word; click on Cysgeir's blue button and these will be displayed. Should you search for the word 'pysgod' ('fish') for example, clicking on the blue button would display all the terms and phrases that include ' pysgod', for instance gwerthwr pysgod (fishmonger) and pysgodyn sgyfeiniog (lungfish).

Self-updating Dictionary
Another feature that differentiates Cysgeir from traditional dictionaries is that it can be updated over the internet. When Canolfan Bedwyr releases a new terminology list, an option will appear allowing it to be downloaded and included in your copy of Cysgeir. You can choose exactly which of these dictionaries are displayed by Cysgeir in the 'Change Dictionaries' screen.

Click here to watch a short video demonstration of Cysgeir in action

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